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Our Steel Process Equipment Manufacturers

We represent the worlds best steel straightening & processing machinery manufacturers.

From the companies that forged the industry over 125 years ago, to the new-entry innovators; our expert agents can match your needs to the product and manufacturer thats right for you. Our company lineup includes only the global leaders in quality, technology, innovation, responsiveness, and on-time delivery. We also address your needs in terms of flexibility and pricing.

  • Roller Straighteners
  • Chamfering
  • Facing
  • Sawing
  • Cold Finishing
  • Complete Line Integration and Deliver
  • Flex Straighteners from 120t to 3000t and up
  • Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic
  • Designed to Order
  • Tensile Strength Testers
  • Compression Testers
  • Impact Testers
  • Certified Lab and Technicians offering Calibration Services
  • Forging Presses
  • Cross Wedge Roller
  • Shot Peening Equipment
  • Surface Preparation
  • Swarf/Chip Removal & Treating
  • Coolant Treating
  • Flex Straighteners up to 120t
  • Specializing in high speed, high accuracy
  • Quantify cost machinery vs operators
  • Reduce bottlenecks
  • Design just in time systems
  • Minimize WIP costs
  • Mergenew equipment in operations
  • Streamline production processes
  • Deburring Solutions
  • Simple, Cost Effective, Precise
  • Manual or Fully Automatic
  • Tube Laser Cutting
  • Precise and Very Cost Effectve
  • Outsourced Machining and Manufacturing
  • Send Select Jobs To Avoid Machinery Overhead
  • 5-Axis CNC Machining, Assembly, 3-D Printing and More
  • One-Offs to Several Thousand Part Runs

Success Stories

Combining this diverse portfolio of steel processing equipment and our extensive steel processing industry experience led to the following success stories:

  1. Heiko Machine assessed the processes of an industrial customer that was straightening with a rolling press and grinder. Heiko Machine identified process issues during an initial consultative visit and then recommended/installed a straightener and peeler which dramatically increased their efficiency.

  2. Heiko Machine recommended/installed steel processing equipment at a truck spring manufacturer which increased the life of the spring 10 times and increased the life of the wheel 3 times, while eliminating waste.

  3. Heiko Machine installed a machine that measures and corrects ovality on the ends of tubes, and provided detailed documentation to their customer; which they in turn provided to their customers, driving up their value and price.

  4. Heiko Machine provided consulting to a company that treats downwell piping. The company implemented Heiko Machines recommendations and now benefits from having a superior final product and significant energy savings

  5. Heiko Machine recommended/installed a Cross Wedge Roller which led to greatly improved product quality and reduced cost of producing blanks at a mid-west US manufacturer.

  6. Heiko Machine retrofitted a swarf and chip recovery and processing system at an industrial company that significantly increased efficiency, lowered processing costs, minimized impact on environment, and increased the value of their scrap.

Contact us at 765-561-4539 or email
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