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Heiko Machine – Steel Processing Equipment

North America supplier of

Harditalia, Smeral®, Cogeim, and Indass Machines.

  • Global Best-In-Industry steel processing machinery
    • Precision straightening
    • Surface prep
    • Cold finishing
    • Recovery
  • 50 years combined steel processing experience
  • Equipment and configurations to maximize productivity and ROI
  • Delivery, installation and support processes

Expertise   –   Honesty   –   Support

Joseph Kemple, President
Joseph Kemple utilizes his combined engineering degree and global management MBA, plus his 30 years’ experience in automotive, manufacturing and steel processing, to find effective, innovative business solutions for his clients.  Joseph assesses his clients’ real needs and develops solutions to cut processing costs, reduce material wastes and increase productivity.  In addition to English, Joseph speaks Spanish, German and Italian – which aids in working with European equipment suppliers.

Dan Carlton, General Manager
Dan Carlton has 45 years in the Gear industry, deep experience in parallel axis gearing for automotive, military, aerospace and defense.  Dan has extensive expertise with metal removal processes include Broaching, Grinding, Hobbing, Shaping, Gashing, Lapping and Spline Rolling. Gaging and traceability include High Speed Sorting, Fixture Gaging, Analytical Gear measurement and Part Marking.

David Yaged, Sales Executive, South-East US
David Yaged is a seasoned engineer with in depth engineering and process development experience. He has spearheaded several technical projects resulting in inventions and process improvements; and has two patents for processes that reduce maintenance issues. David is very attuned to working in multiple industries with all levels of customers to address their specific business requirements and provide cost-effective steel processing improvements.

Arnie Hanson, Sales Executive, Mid-West US
Arnie Hanson is a leading industry consultant and industry leader steel processing and gear cutting machines and processes. Arnie has extensive experience in mechanical and manufacturing environments; including Automotive, Aerospace, Agriculture Machinery, Mining Equipment and Heavy Truck industries. He managed multiple engineering/delivery teams in design, development and delivery of world class engineering solutions and enterprise machine tools.

Nick Byrne, Sales Executive, Gulf States
Nick Byrne has over 30 years’ experience in the gas and oil industry consultant.  Nick helps clients by identifying profitable solutions that fit their growth objectives and withstand competitive threats.  Nick has extensive knowledge of the petroleum industry including drilling operations and well intervention.

Rakshesh Patel, Sales Executive, Canada
Rakshesh Patel, located in the Toronto area, has joined the Heiko team and is now covering Canada. Rakshesh Patel is a troubleshooter and passionate mechanical engineer with twelve years of combined education, and work experience in steel manufacturing industries. Rakshesh has a proven ability to maintain the projects in a cost conscious environment. Rakshesh is an honest team player, who learns quickly, pays attention to detail and produces superior results by providing the best possible solutions to customers.

We will evaluate your current processes, consult with you on possible solutions, identify the best machine(s) to meet your needs, collaborate closely through installation and support you after the sale.

Our knowledgeable staff and experts will help take your business to the next level

“Our Heiko agent identified an inefficient step in our process that was increasing our production time and causing excessive scrap. With the installation of the proper machine and process, our production capacity increased while costs decreased – which provided us an immediate Return-On-Investment.”

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